Bald head dating

Five years ago, a Gawker story notably called the baseball cap “the cheat of cheats — the easiest, most temporary way of projecting butchness in the entire Land of Gay.” If straight men hatfish to disguise a receding hairline, gay men, the argument goes, hatfish to also appear “straight-acting.” (The gag, of course, is that once you open your mouth and projectile vomit a glitter rainbow, the jig is up.) A 30-year-old communications director, Kevin owns four hats that he often wears after work and on the weekend — and, thus, on social media.

Speaking with a modern internet user’s fluency around identity, he considers his hats utility more than a means to broadcast masculinity.

With gay men, hatfishing becomes complicated by the additional (and highly loaded) wrinkle of masculinity.We hung out a little bit after but didn’t end up going home together.” The attraction (or dissipation thereof) came down, as it always does, to confidence.“I think if he’d reacted differently and owned his baldness, maybe it would’ve been different.” Aaron pauses.Looking back, he was obviously trying to hatfish me on Bumble and even kind of in real life,” says Jean, “but the funny thing was that it was so obvious that I couldn’t even feel misled.” Eventually, he confessed.“We took this weekend trip and at one point he sat down with this serious face and said he had to show me something: He pulled back his little curtain of hair for this big reveal of his bald spot.

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