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The Standard is a quarterly resource from The Delta Companies providing a summary of physician and healthcare specialist compensation, placement data, and market trends in recruitment.

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We are relentless in our pursuit of the truth and never succumb to faux work.

We approach wimp junction by confronting reality and developing a viable solution for all.

We have burned our ships and are “all in,” virally influencing others. Responsible people are rewarded in our meritocracy.

At The Delta Companies, we persevere, achieving today’s goals today, in order to hit tomorrow’s goals tomorrow.We create outcomes directly resulting from our interactions with others, and we have the ability to shape whether or not these outcomes are beneficial to those involved.The Delta Companies holds the opportunity, and the responsibility, of ensuring that both customers and members receive the best experience possible.Creating a sense of urgency is simply a part of our role. Speed requires the confidence to take action without all of the information. We demonstrate a spirit of excellence in all endeavors. We recognize our fears as reptilian anxiety, and never play scared.At The Delta Companies, we create intense forward movement, not just motion. We never put limitations on dreams, never fear the words “why not;” and always embrace the notion of “go big, don’t suck.” owning this attitude is a catalyst to successful behavior-- playing to win. Most times, winning requires simply out-working the competition.

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