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It is the sequel to 2006's "Civil War" and consists of a nine issue eponymous core limited series, by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artists David Marquez and Justin Ponsor, and a number of tie-in books.

Functioning as an allegory about the nature of determinism versus free will, the story sees opposing factions of superheroes led by Captain Marvel and Iron Man come into conflict when a new Inhuman named Ulysses emerges with the ability to predict the future.

Civil War II received mixed reviews from critics and modest yet declining sales figures from its high in June 2016 to its end in December.

The repercussions of the storyline resulted in the new status quo of the Marvel Universe presented in the subsequent "Divided We Stand" storyline, which was released as part of the company's 2016 Marvel NOW! In December 2015, Marvel Comics announced the details of "Civil War II", whose core miniseries would be produced by writer Brian Michael Bendis, artist David Marquez, colorist Justin Ponsor, and editor Tom Brevoort.

They also revealed two spin-off series: Civil War II: Spider-Man from writer Christos Gage and artist Travel Foreman, and Civil War II: X-Men from writer Cullen Bunn and artist Andrea Broccardo.

Storm sees this and decides to stand in Magneto's way." In Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man, Spider-Man helps a precognitive Inhuman use his powers responsibly.Only civil wars involving popular or civil forces are listed here.Not covered are wars between clans, warlords or dynasties, wars of succession, etc. Only ongoing conflicts meeting the definition of a civil war are listed.The following month, Marvel announced Civil War II: Kingpin by writer Matthew Rosenberg and artist Ricardo Lopez Ortiz.Rosenberg said, "Wilson Fisk is an opportunist, first and foremost.

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