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(Source: MU)Kotone, who thinks of herself as an average office worker, is fascinated by dazzling and mysterious things. But their relationship had ended bitterly six months later, when Lauren realized their lives were taking very different paths.Meanwhile, it's revealed that Shishidou, a good-looking superior in the company, is the enigmatic "Love Deity"! Since then, she'd resumed her career and reshaped her life.They agree to just sleep with each other when one of them wants to do it. August, Tale of the Green Dream Mitsuka falls hard for the mute Jun during her summer vacation beach trip, but the closer they get the more he seems to still have feelings for another girl. Cast A Spell on Me Rei is crushed when she finds out that the cute boy who pets her dog every morning, Miki, is going out with her fickle best friend.But of course, there are still feelings and other drama trying to break this promise. Then, when the group goes on vacation with some friends, Rei finds herself turned into a dog.Akihabara is a cyber host club, there, the host "Prince" is the favorite and number one of all customers and to get him they get into big battles!

(Source: MU)"I've decided to make you my sex-slave as of today!! For a pure and natural girl Lili, the answer was just a simple hug. Non-Virgin Teacher Takuya is a 20-year-old college student who works part-time in a BBQ skewer restaurant.

Tetsuya meets Yuzuko Sanada, a heroine and a childhood friend whom he nicknamed Yuzu one day on his way to school. To her advantage, she is skilled at cooking and homemaking, but has a timid personality.

He later also meets Rui Nakane at the pool after running errands for Asumi Akiyam, his cousin who is also the school nurse. Both works share the same name but feature different story and characters. Just what she needs when she is trying to win the love of her school mate...

College student Maki meets and clearly falls for the new student on campus, Kanna. She uses the chance to get closer to Miki, but in the end she's just a dog, not a girl.

But, like a good little lesbian, she prefers denial to pursuit, even when her best friend, Lilia, pushes her to make a move. (Source: Okazu)This is about a girl named Ichigo who struggles to balance her job as a successful magazine model with her life as a normal high school student, and a young man named Tsugumi who is a member of the human race who only grows to be 15 cm tall. When Lauren Martin had set out to get an exclusive interview with Cole Adams, millionaire owner of a recording company, she hadn't anticipated them making headlines—as a couple.

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