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It took a surprisingly long time for a definitive list of Scottish hills in the range 2000-2500 feet to appear, but in the 1997 edition of Munro's Tables the SMC adopted the list of Grahams that Alan Dawson had published in 1992.Of Dawson's other Scottish lists, the Murdos (1995) and the New Donalds (1995) were motivated by a desire to bring objectivity to the classification of Munro Tops and Donalds.Where a list author has chosen a different location for the summit, we record this in the database.In cases where the locations could be regarded as separate summits we list the hills separately.New versions of the downloadable database are currently issued at approximately 4 month intervals.

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The editorial team (in order of joining) comprises Graham Jackson, Chris Crocker, John Barnard, Simon Edwardes, George Gradwell, Mark Jackson, Jim Bloomer and Dave Marshall.

The SMC also records completions of Corbetts, Grahams and Donalds by those who have completed the Munros.

Completions of Corbetts are recorded by Dave Hewitt.

The Simms Hall of Fame requires the ascent of 2000 British Simms.

Completions of the Munros (with Tops and Furths) are recorded by the SMC.

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