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See more » I'm gonna address something in a serious tone, that is way unlike the premiere of Desperate Housewives. But even those were topped by the intricate, hysterical, amazing pilot script for DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES. The producers/Direction/showrunners of the show, have established a look for the show. A gorgeous use of color and cinematography, of scoring, and well, I mention it again, because it's so important... On every level, the PILOT for DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES impresses.

Survivors are speaking out to detail their horrifying memories of Sunday's Texas church shooting.

Rosa Solis was shot in the arm during the massacre at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, and survived by hiding under a bench and playing dead.

She was discharged from the hospital late Monday after being treated for a gunshot wound to her left arm.

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New Yorker and new doctor Zoe Hart accepts an offer from a stranger, Dr.Also alluded to are the lesser known Couple Arguing and Romantic Couple by Robert Dale (drawn in a comic book style similar to that of Roy Liechtenstein) and a 1940s "Am I Proud! As I sat watching the premiere of Desperate Housewives, I found myself doing something I haven't done in quite some time, and that is "smiling," No, I mean, a huge smile, a GRIN of thankfulness. why are you reading this, get to writing more of this wonderful show. But Talented, amazing, beautiful, WOMEN (and I'm a guy in my 20's) I appreciate that... I speak of course of Felicity Huffman, who can do more with one line of Dialogue, than any other actress I know." poster by Dick Williams (showing a woman holding cans). I have a theory that most pilot scripts suck, because they are establishing a series, I have hardly ever liked a PILOT script, even if they do their job well which is establish character and the mood of the show. The only good pilot I have seen in recent years, was the pilot for ALIAS (brilliant) now a week ago, I saw the PILOT for LOST (edge of your seat good). This show, brings also the RETURN of Terri Hatcher, THANK GOD! And it also brings me, MARCIA CROSS, an actress who should have been given an EMMY for her brilliant, heartbreaking work in EVERWOOD last season. But even this one episode is enough to remind people everywhere, that network television can still be FUN!She added: "It is a cultural struggle to bring down the tacit consensus of acceptance of violence." Ms Schiappa, who became prominent through running a blog for working mothers, has previously advocated for large fines to be handed to men who harass women in public.“Twenty euros would be a bit humiliating, €5,000 would be more of a deterrent,” she told the in June.

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