Double your dating seminar

Eric Von Sydow AKA Hypnotica is simply stated the "Guru's Guru." He has trained the top figures in the dating/relationship field, including Neil Strauss, author of the bestseller "The Game" and David De Angelo, CEO of the popular "Double Your Dating" enterprise and brand.

An international seminar leader, Eric is considered an expert in relationships, dating and sex.

Whether you want to be the leader of the boardroom or the master of the bedroom, Steve P has developed dozens of exercises and techniques to help you achieve your goal.

Most famous for his White Tiger Tantra system, Steve normally works only with highly motivated individuals including celebrities and high profile CEOs.

Finally we have decided the lowest possible price we can afford is 97.00.

However, We're Going To Do Something We've NEVER DONE BEFORE. And we don't have to tell you how incredible that is since Steve P and Hypnotica charge ,000 for their Year Long Private Coaching.

[After working with them] I had this big awareness that its much more about who you are on the inside than what you do on the outside.

If you can get the inside together, the outside just takes care of itself." These guys have been written about in articles in Cosmopolitan, USA Today, and The New York Times.

Its been said that And this works in the opposite direction just as well.They've been guest sex and dating experts on Passion Sex Talk Radio and on Playboy Radio.Not to mention they have been featured speakers at countless Double Your Dating Seminars, the Clifflist Convention, the PUA World Summit, and Style's Annihilation Method.If you're reading this right now, it's likely that you are unsatisfied with the life that others have been trying to make you live and you can see that there is much more out there for you.In many religions around the world, it is believed that by shaving ones head, we can remove some of the ties that bind us to our past.

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