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After the dissolution of one-Unit, Balochistan emerged as one of the four new provinces of Pakistan.A number of tribes constitute to make people of Balochistan.Each tribe is further sub-divided into various branches.The tribal chief is called Sardar while head of sub-tribe is known as Malik, Takari or Mir.Alexander the great passed through Balochistan in 325 B. After his death Balochistan came under the rule of Selecus Nicator whose descendents lost power to the Graeco-Bactrians. The parts of Balochistan which were ruled by the Arabs were called by them Turan (Jhallawan area) having capital at Khuzdar and Nudha or Buddha (Kachhi).

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Recent research and archaeological excavations at Mehrgarh have revealed 9000 years old civilization.Guest is accorded is held in high esteem and considered a blessing from God.Better off people even slaughter sheep or goat for their guest.Brahvi speaking tribe include Raisani, Shahwani, Sumulani, Sarparrah, Bangulzai, Mohammad Shahi, Lehri, Bezenjo, Mohammad Hasni, Zehri , Sarparrah, Mengal, Kurd, Sasoli, Satakzai, Lango, Rodeni, Kalmati, Jattak, Yagazehi and Qambarani , most of these tribes are bi-lingual and are quite fluent both in the Balochi and Brahvi Languages.The Pashtoon tribes include Kakar, Ghilzai Tareen, Mandokhel , Sherani, Luni, Kasi and Achakzai.

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