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I knew there was a good explanation for the House of Commons being so far east and not more central.

I take a few cards with me when I visit a friend in a nursing home, as they're talk-starters.

And the Blob from the 50s Steve Mc Queen movie is a being since it was imagined. Best take: Sounds like 2 different people made those 2 different definitions. " I mean the Enterprise had run ins with the crystal entity, right? The use of are interchangeable for the most part, at least in the common parlance. It just seems to me like trying to make a distinction between to the two words is a bit futile. ) According to the definition, anything that is imagined is a being, whereas anything that has a distinct existence is an entity. A "being" for those who believe, an example of indistinct existence because of being dead and alive at the same time and, to the non-believer, an imagined being.

I know the question asked specifically about the COD but who says the COD is the be-all and end-all? The question is: Does the deity have a distinct existence? You should know that we don't always love each question, or agree with each answer, but we do always have a rollicking good time and usually learn something.

The concept "Pantheistic God" perfectly fits the definition of something that is a “being” but not an “entity.” That’s all that matters in the universe of discourse created by this particular Moo T question. from Vancouver (vide infra), in that I affirm his interpretation of "distinct." This is, however, as the Brits used to say, a nice question, and reasonable people (also vide infra) may disagree about the answer.

Wouldn't any fictitious character qualify as a being, because s/he can be imagined whereas s/he, having no distinct existence, would not qualify as an entity? Wouldn’t “anything that exists” have been way better? ” It’s sort of like defining left to include right. If that's what usage is, words start to be meaningless, or have such a broad meaning that they don't mean anything.

When you do that, you don’t use a lot of questions because the teams tend to spend a lot of time discussing them, trying to reach a consensus on an answer.

With that in mind, in my experience an average Moo T game is over after about 14 questions.

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