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" She laughed and said, "I just might do that," which told me she found him attractive without her admitting it.

That Friday night, she and I talked more about him as we watched TV from our couch. He has blond hair and blue eyes." In other words, nothing like me. Perhaps unconsciously, her hand massaged her groin as we talked.

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That Thursday night she was twirling his business card in her fingers when she phoned my hotel told me what happened.

She said, "He's really cute." As you can imagine, I joked, "So why haven't you fucked him yet?

Umm, well, I guess you know why." She clicked off, took the elevator to his floor and knocked on his door. Because she's tall, she usually wears flats so as not to stand taller than most guys. Her fist sensed his hot lava rocketing through his staff. And, of course at four and half inches, I don't count; I'm not even close to most guys she has fucked.But this night she wore her 4" black heels, which gave the appearance of those two being about the same height. He was wearing a custom made, blue short-sleeve shirt that accentuated his muscular arms and slim-leg khakis. She reached a hand behind her and wrapped her fingers around base of his long cock that hadn't fully penetrated her. She once said, "That's, like, not even middle-school size, you know?They ate salad and vegetarian dishes and chatted at his small dining table. She allowed the touch to linger and returned his anxious stare. " Their arms entwined and he kissed her full on the lips. " His large veins kneaded the hotness of her clitoris. " Those sorts of comments aren't the greatest ego builders. COM HAS 906,494 REAL MEMBERS, A TOTAL OF 1,276,254 AMATEUR PHOTOS AND 134,778 USER-SUBMITTED AMATEUR VIDEOS. The sensation of a 2nd cock fucking her and filling her with semen sends her over the top and she cums on my cock as it throbs and shoots more seed into her open pussy.

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