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When she was in high school, she was a member of the Tennis club. Sexually experienced and rather promiscuous (to the point where, early in the series, she keeps a boyfriend and three "sex friends" – in addition to miscellaneous flings), she constantly teases and goads both Makoto and Yura into improving their "night life".At first in an on-and-off relationship with her "number-one boyfriend", Taku Yamada, for most of the series, she eventually decides to settle down, even marrying the son of Makoto's boss Katori, Makoto's older brother. He is very nosy and frequently pesters Makoto about his sex life and fancies himself as Makoto's tutor on the topic of pleasuring the wife. He has a liking for cats and dogs, and raises a large number of them. While not as active as his daughters, he still enjoys a fulfilling sexual relationship with his wife Chiharu.However, before the release of the first volume, which was published in January 2008, several major retailers had announced they would not carry the title due to its content.They planned to release the first 10 Japanese tankōbon in five volumes, but only four were released, the fourth published in January 2009. The manga has also received domestic releases in Germany (as Manga Love Story), France, Poland, Spain, Brazil, Italy and Taiwan, by Carlsen Comics, Pika Édition, Waneko, Mangaline Comics, Editora JBC, Dynit and Ching Win Publishing respectively.

There are many scenes in the series that look like they are actually happening but are then revealed to be the sexual fantasies of Makoto or another character.Though most of the early chapters focus on Makoto and Yura's relationship, it later deviates to other characters' love/sex lives, cover more events to teach the readers with.Written and illustrated by Katsu Aki, Futari Ecchi has been serialized biweekly in Young Animal since January 1997.In order to appease his own sex drive, he frequently visits brothels. Initially she has a rather romantic look on a relationship, and her quest for true love lets her drift through a number of affairs before she finally finds happiness with her first boyfriend, Yosuke. Makoto's second cousin and an obstetrician and gynecologist.At the request of Makoto's mother, she moved in next door to the Onodas to encourage them to reproduce.

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