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and a bunch more) I’d be writing the longest post of the internet so I better stick to the ones that I mentioned.I’ve met some brilliant people that either have a very promising future (@pasku1) or they are already well respected within coworkers in this vast field that CS is and still lack the BS.If you feel like you will be better off dropping out just read it and keep that in mind. I was one of those guys who liked to advise you to get the degree and work afterwards.During the last year I have been thinking about this a lot and I’d like to share my thoughts after much reflection.Staying in your bed or alone in your house will get you nowhere but to someone you don’t know as you’re walking past — a small smile can brighten your day. Be mindful of your breathing as you go about your day.Being mindful of what you are doing and how you are feeling will give you the skills that you need to be conscientious of how your day could be going better by making healthier choices. Optimistic Thinking more positive can give you better self-esteem which may make your more motivated.There’s several things that I noticed about people who dropped out of CS after having spent very few time in college: *There are a few people who make it through science and engineering without needing help, friends, and can roll into tests and blow everyone away without having gone to a single lecture, these people probably don’t actually have to be in university. * PD: I know how weird it is to write this as the first article of the blog but whatever.* – The Picture Communication Symbols ©1981–2015 by Mayer-Johnson LLC.

If you don’t feel that way, I’d love to grab a coffee and have a pacific argument with you or you can just drop off a comment below 🙂 The second group is dramatically different from the first one, still they share some characteristics that you would easily notice by taking a quick glance at this list.

There are tens of topics that I’m sure I wouldn’t be very well-versed (if not completely ignorant) if I hadn’t gone through the dullest lectures I could ever have thought of.

If I were to list the topics that I wouldn’t have studied on my own to the depth I do at college (compilers, language theory, statistics, programmable devices…

Everybody possesses certain personality traits, some are inherited and some are learned.

When people are depressed they are not functioning as healthy as they can be, and coping and problem solving skills don’t come as naturally as they had before.

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