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Ms Deniz Decourton is the children's nanny and she has been living in the household long before the death of Adnan's wife.

Since Adnan is a wealthy widower, he attracts the attention of Firdevs Yöreoğlu, who has two daughters and has recently lost her husband.

She says that she is dying and begs her mother to stop the wedding. Bihter also discovers that she is pregnant with Behlül's child, but she aborts it when she sees that Behlül is not ready to accept her. He is ashamed of himself for deceiving his fatherlike uncle and in guilt he leaves Bihter, for whom he had broken off his engagement with Elif, and gets engaged with Nihal.

A day before Behlül's wedding, Bihter asks him to run away with her but he rejects her.

He said he loved her and that he is her murderer, himself and of everyone else, nothing would have ended this way if he wasn't the coward that he was, and that it is his punishment that he will have to live with this guilt forever. Firdevs goes into shock over her daughter's death and ends up being paralyzed.

She blames herself for snatching her daughter's love from her which resulted in her death.

Hilmi dislikes Firdevs because she is greedy, cunning and self-centered.; he vows to make her life difficult.

He proposes to her and she agrees to marry him even though she knows that her mother fancies him.

Hilmi disrupts their wedding and warns Adnan that he has made a big mistake by marrying Firdevs' daughter Bihter.

Hilmi tells Adnan that Firdevs will take advantage of his family just like she took advantage of his family when Peyker married Nihat, but Adnan ignores him.

Adnan Ziyagil lives an idyllic life on the shore of Istanbul's Bosporus strait with his two children, teenage daughter Nihal and eleven-year-old son Bülent, his nephew Behlül, and various house staff.

Behlül, son of Adnan's cousin, moved in after his parents died in a car accident when he was young.

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