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We added “fill Default Values” to the array so that it would run when the body’s onload event fires.

All Together Now With the script above, you can set most different field types to any value from the querystring – or any other source that javascript can access.

The last issue can be easily avoided by adding a feature dependency to ensure the required feature is activated before we deploy our custom site column.

This Javascript parses the page’s query string, locates the HTML objects that are rendered by the relevant Share Point fields, and sets their value based on the information in the query string.get Tag From Identifier And Title The most important part of our solution is the “get Tag From Identifier” function.This function finds the HTML element rendered by a given Share Point Form Field control._sp Body On Load Function Names In most cases Share Point pages are based on a master page that contains the “body” element.These content pages can’t directly add a function to the body’s onload event.

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