Just chai dating

We asked all of our new mommy and daddy friends what all new Jewish parents should know.

And while they can’t prevent diaper blowouts, spit up stains, or sleepless nights, their advice might just make your crazy journey into parenthood a little bit easier. You haven’t written your online dating profile yet?

This time of year, the only thing going around the Jewish community more than influenza and greasy latke smell is Christmas envy. Just ask your friends who grew up with both Jewish and Christian family members.

This post goes out to all of us pulling double duty (and double the presents! Every year on the High Holidays, we think about what we can do to be better people in the year ahead.

Does November, and this first day, feel like a start over, a countdown, or a conclusion?

Like any absolute, such as a start-over at the first of the month, the other end of the spectrum exists and must be recognized.

Well, change is like, hard, especially the self-improvement kind.

Star Wars is kind of its own religion, so at times you might find your Jewish practice conflicts with your nerdy-ness, such as on Friday, when The Force Awakens comes out and continues the story of our people--err--of Star Wars.

When new Emojis rolled out for the i Phone last month (including the Israeli flag!

), we got to thinking – there aren’t enough Emojis for Jews.

Be it for the multitude of holiday greetings or just texting with your mother, a visual aid would make your conversation that much easier.

Passover is almost here, which means Jews everywhere are about to embark on their annual religiously mandated Atkins diet.

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