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See full summary » A global cataclysm, caused by a fatal accident in Geneva (Switzerland) during the implementation of the particle accelerator will lead to crew of vessel-school Estrella Polar to live the adventure of their lives.

Spanish sit-com where David awakes after being 18 years in a comma only to find his world completely changed.

(Episode and Series/Season numbers don't quite conform to what most of us are used to, but the recaps will be added in order, and any gaps, if there are any, will be noted) Who's Who This is a must read!

(outside link) Season 4 4x03-09: The introduction of Pepa Season 5 4x10: An Awkward Family Reunion 4x11: Love Autopsy 4x12: Silvia Is A Hot Nerd; Pepa is a thug 4x13: Silvia & Pepa = BFFs, sexual tension on the side Season 6 4x14: It's Not Easy Being Green 4x15: In which the potential for naked Pepa breaks Silvia and Curtis' brains...

It is filled with comical situations , thrills , love stories , suspense , twists and turns .

Although there are also action chases , stirring action set pieces , and a little bit of violence .

) killed off one-half of its very popular lesbian couple Silvia, played by Marián Aguilera, only a few hours after she was married to Pepa (Laura Sanchez).

is a Spanish television series centred around the character of Paco Miranda and his family and friends in the San Antonio police department.

Likable acting by main cast as Paco Tous as tough as well as as botcher police officer , his spouse well played by Adriana Ozores and their daughter compelling performed by Michelle Jenner , subsequently famous for her role in Isabel series .

And nice acting by Hugo Silva as dashing undercover agent .

As a result of the financial crisis, a number of displaced families take up permanent residence at a vacation campground north of Madrid.

Watch a large cast of wacky characters struggle to ...

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