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Paid Memberships Pro makes it so easy, I…No other membership plugin is as customizable as Paid Memberships Pro. I paid the for additional support, and it was well worth it.

I’m able to help my members move forward in their careers by designing a site around their needs – not around the capabilities of the plugin. The add-ons, plus…I used Wishlist Member for years, and Paid Memberships Pro is now my go to membership software for Word Press.

I discovered Paid Memberships Pro whilst looking for something to integrate with the Learn Dash LMS.

I’m really pleased with your how your plugin works and look forward to using it on future sites.

We don’t have to think about the smaller details because the plugin and team at Paid Memberships Pro has done that for us.

This has saved me development time and costs and has allowed us to build something th…Paid Memberships Pro has taken our business to the next level.

Perhaps you found Financial Domination before you found Me, attracted by the Beautiful Confident Women that wanted something of you.

Women who wouldn’t even acknowledge your pathetic existence, but who smiled and demanded you pay them. In spite of your better judgement, your cock got hard.

paycub was back again, and was happy, because I missed My little balless wonder of fluff! He spent 6 Next comes the slave formerly known as leg addict that I am renaming as “extreme paypig” The reason I am renaming him is that I am manifesting his destiny, creating My fantasy.Thanks for your generosity in releasing such a great piece of software.I was a bit hesitant to use a Word Press plugin for a membership site but Paid Membership Pro was one of the best decisions we made in starting my wife’s online fitness site.We got a nice long chat conversation one night as well, talking about….skiing! Now, I am particularly skilled at making your initial sexual releases when you interact with Me very powerful. I call on those urges and begin connecting them to Me right away.(and our mutual lack of skiing talent) And back for More abuse, making a new account was paybitch! They release endophones in your brain that numb pain and produce a sense of well being. The resulting endorphin release is SO powerful, that you want more.

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