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You basically need to run among obstacles, hills and fellow dinosaurs that are also trying to escape. You play as Neo in this game, jumping to and from floors on buildings and killing agents along the way. They are colored bubbles that float around trying to kill you. You’ll use your mouse to shoot two wires and prevent the little guy from falling. On Final Ninja, you command a little (but badass) ninja on a side-scrolling adventure. Gunmaster Onslaught 2.0 On Gunmaster Onslaught, you play an army commando who has to stay alive as long as possible by surviving the assault of the enemies. Robokill Very engaging game where you play a mercenary robot trying to destroy the invaders of Titan Prime.Guns, swords, staffs and pretty much everything else on the scenario can be used to get the job done. Your tool belt comes with throwing stars, a grappling rope and the ability to become invisible. At your disposal, you have guns, mines, and even rocket launchers! There are several levels, each with a large number of interconnected rooms that you need to go through. On N, you get to play a Ninja who needs to capture golden cubes and escape the level within 90 seconds.The game is basically a shoot-’em-up with a side-view perspective.Click here to play Contra 20th Anniversary Edition 28.Needless to say, at the end of each level, you will also need to kill a boss. As you would expect, you have several weapon upgrades along the way, stationary cannons, big bosses and lots of fun. Onslaught A classic tower defense game where you have several types of turrets at your disposal.The cool twist of this game is that you are able to upgrade your turrets, and depending on the combination, you can make them work together for a combo attack.This is one of the earliest shooting games ever and also the top rated arcade game by the Guinness World Records book. Not as good as the original (the game was released for the Nintendo64, after all), but still funny to play. Pacman Love Pacman, but tired of beating the same levels? You will need to “cut out” 80% or more of the screen without getting hit by ghosts. Contra 20th Anniversary Edition Created by Konami, the Contra series first appeared on arcades.On each level, more ghosts will be floating around. They became extremely popular, though, with the console versions for the NES and the SNES.

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The physics effects definitely boost the game quality. Bloons Very addictive game where you play a dart-throwing monkey.The variety of kicks, punches, throws and defensive movements really creates a funny experience. Ah, and a character that wears some really fancy pants! Double Wires Ever wanted to fly around like Spider Man?Just run through the levels, avoiding the monsters and collecting the swirls and trophies. Dino Run On this game you play a small dinosaur that is trying to escape the imminent extinction from a fallen meteor. Matrix Rampage The Matrix fans out there will have fun with this one. With this little Flash game, you can get close to it. Final Ninja We couldn’t leave ninja games out of the list, right?The direction arrow keeps swinging on both directions, and there is always a bit of lateral wind to increase the challenge.The objective is to hit the bin as many times in a row as possible. Bowmaster Bowmaster has some strategy and RPG elements, but you will win the game with the accuracy of your aim.

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