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And on July 30th, 1983 it reached #1 (for 3 weeks) on the Irish Top Singles chart...Between 19 the trio had thirteen records on the Top 100; with four making the Top and one peaking at #1, and their #1 record was "Every Breath You Take" for 8 weeks in 1983...I always thought that this song was about falling for one's teacher/tutor/master/whatever, who was older and also married ("staring at the ring around your finger", "I have only come here seeking knowledge, Things they would not teach me of in college, I can see the destiny you sold turned into a shining band of gold").This meaning I gave to this song made it very special for me, as I have been on that kind of situation.On March 4th 1984, the Police play the final concert of their 'Synchronicity' world tour*; the concert was at the Royal Melbourne Showgrounds in Melbourne, Australia...

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The song lyrics all describe the relationship between Nimue and Merlin.The twin perils are memorialized in the expression "between Scylla and Charybdis".This choice of equally dreadful alternatives was presented to Odysseus on his journey Home from the Trojan war.References can be found subliminally in many places in the song. She eventually learns enough to capture, imprison, or kill Merlin.Trapping him in an object such as a ring ("turned into a shining band of gold") or turning him to stone (I will turn your face to alabaster) are not unusual in various recountings.

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