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Furthermore, a security professional should make sure that the ISP has an equal institutional gravity as other policies enacted within the corporation.

In cases where an organization has sizeable structure, policies may differ and therefore be segregated in order to define the dealings in the intended subset of this organization.

Information security is deemed to safeguard three main objectives: 1 2.4 Authority & Access Control Policy Typically, a security policy has a hierarchical pattern.

It means that inferior staff is usually bound not to share the little amount of information they have unless explicitly authorized.

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So the logic demands that ISP should address every basic position in the organization with specifications that will clarify their authoritative status.

Data classification policy may arrange the entire set of information as follows: Data owners should determine both the data classification and the exact measures a data custodian needs to take to preserve the integrity in accordance to that level.

2.6 Data Support & Operations In this part we could find clauses that stipulate: 2.7 Security Awareness Sessions Sharing IT security policies with staff is a critical step.

Policy refinement takes place simultaneously with defining the administrative control, or authority in other words, people in the organization have.

In essence, it is hierarchy-based delegation of control in which one may have authority over his own work, project manager has authority over project files belonging to a group he is appointed to, and the system administrator has authority solely over system files – a structure reminiscent of the separation of powers doctrine.

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