The gypsy camp essex

The list is split into sections: hostels currently operated by YHA, independent hostels, and others, where others include former hostels previously operated by, or as part of, YHA some time since the creation of YHA in 1931.

It is just three miles from the infamous Dale Farm camp that was the centre of a ten-year eviction battle that ended up costing £7million.So all the old material will be left here for archival purposes, with comments turned off. This article is intended to list all youth hostels operated by the Youth Hostels Association (England & Wales) (YHA), either presently or formerly, and also independent hostels.The site is part of Chelmsford Council's North Chelmsford Action Plan – a blueprint earmarking where homes must be built in the town to meet government targets.Paul Wilson, 47, of Albemarle Link, told the Chronicle: "We were shocked that there is this area action plan, which hardly anyone has heard of, showing a gypsy encampment on land at the edge of the new housing at Beaulieu Park and close to the lakes of Channels Golf Course where some really upmarket homes are also supposed to be built. The parcel of land looks big enough for other caravans to set up around the legal site." Circulars warning of the Traveller site were delivered through doors on the estate this week urging people to fight the plans, which have already been approved by the council.

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