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district which are in the “Blue Sky Region.” These Canadian postcards are shown in digital, virtual museum format for educational purposes.If you have images or historical information which you’d like to share with our virtual museum, feel free to do so.The healthy bank account is a friend of great possibilities. Perkins, Cashier.” A general note in the State of Florida Archives, from which this image was borrowed, says, “In 1940, this oak (The May Oak) was estimated to be 1,000 years old.It gives and commands confidence when your dollars are working earning more. Many May parties were held yearly under its branches.Your use of this website constitutes agreement with these terms.

The “chrome” postcard, which looks like a glossy photograph, has been in use since 1939, and it remains the most popular postcard style today.

The first American-made postcard was copyrighted in 1861, and the first postcard in the U. that was printed for souvenir purposes was created in 1893 and advertised the Chicago World’s Fair.

“Linen” postcards, which were not actually made from linen, were very popular in the U. during the 1920s, and they remained popular until about 1940.

"W2FHS" QSL card with art depicting operator Leslie G. "-- - - -- / CHARLIE BURKE" QSL post card with call sign in Morse code & hobby-related cartoon art mailed 1985 by the named operator, a little cancel ink on front, 2 small corner bends. "W2WAH" QSL card with attractive hobby-related graphics, mailed there JAN 27 1948 (clear DPO cancel, our La Posta indicates 1945 as its last year, but we must respectfully disagree) by operator Charles O.

Mee at his equipment, mailed 1935, vertical crease that is long but faint, long corner crease, toned back, couple light spots of toning on front. "W3EEZ" QSL card on thick blue stock mailed there MAY 28 1934 (good strike of the DPO cancel) by operator Stacy Armstrong, tiny pinhole at top center as is common this era, minor edge wear. "The IBM Mainframe Set / is yours for only .95 // The Library of Computer / and Information Sciences" unused business reply card from an October 1989 ad campaign of The Library of computer and Information Sciences in Delran New Jersey, excellent condition. Rustin, one corner with minor wear, a little toning at the top back edge. J." unused Kodak real photo postcard with good focus & much oxidation. TUTTLE" including a Swift & Company horse-drawn delivery wagon & personnel before it; uncaptioned (so we use the storefront signage) & unused real photo postcard with oxidation consistent with age, good edges.

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