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Request for more romance drama with the main character furukawa yuki and honoka miki they are the best couple in the world!!! I just saw your show Itazura na Kiss and I was so impressed; I thought you were so cool!!!! I never scene actually miki honoka and yuki furukawa is my favorite actor bc miki honoka played a role as kotoko and act like her real wife in the drama so I decide that you yuki furukawa and miki honoka is a perfect match in real life. bu the way your cute together with miki, Konnichiwa Yuki Furukawa ! I watch everyday (Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo) I live here in Philippines , May I have a request ? Your so hansamu and kawaii I hope my wish will come true . when I was a child I really like Korea my little sister always say to me "why I love Korea" and I always said to myself because Korean girls are so cute and they don't have a scars that's why..I love Korean girls...... I really like Itazura Na Kiss and..and Miki Honoka are best match .... I really really like your drama ..itazura kiss:love in Tokyo.. Arigato for the great movies, Drama series you' ve make I really like it and the most I like is with Kotoko Miki Honoko and you Naoki Irie youre Mischievous Kiss Love in Tokyo all so known as Itazura na Kiss Love in Tokyo in youtube I wiss Ill see you around here In the Philippines because is the place were I lived.... I hope you and MIki Honoka visit here in the Philippines . anyways i really like your personality, you're awesome and i like your eyes *w* you're like the human version of Himoru Tatsuya and aside from it you're a japanese like him! anyways i really like your personality, you're awesome and i like your eyes *w* you're like the human version of Himoru Tatsuya and aside from it you're a japanese like him! Actually , i already finished watching the 16 episodes of MISCHIEVOUS KISS LOVE IN TOKYO and its sooooo beautiful ! yuki and honoka are a great couple and i wonder if they are dating in real life . I will be your fan all the time,loving you very much. And although,he really did well in Itazura Na Kiss but, I'm so sorry to say that his looks doesn't fit in to his role. Hi *(YUKI FURUKAWA)* i love your movies and hope you will more good in acting hope we can be friends and hope i will see you even ones.....i hope you can read this comment of mine because im your im your no.1 fan iloveyou....godbless you:* Hi Yuki. yuki furukawa is my favorite actor bc he played a roled as naoki in mischievous kiss 2 love in tokyo and he is the best actor . :) I would really appreciate if your dvds and all would be available here in our country :) I admire all of you, not only on how you look but most of all, your wittiness. I want to become a actress in south Korea because I want to travel at south korea it's my dream and I also like Korean girls.your so fluent in English and your cute.. And you have a handsome face and you are so fluent in English. I watch different version of Itazura na Kiss and your version is one of my favorite version. Alcorasres its a hard name you know but I love your Drama Series name: Mischievous kiss: love in Tokyo / Itazura na kiss - love in tokyo :)... :))))) I wish You and Miki Honoko will be more friends more powers to come........... Kon'nichwa , I really loved the movie itazuka na kiss love in tokyo, it's now showing here in the Philippines and even if i know what's the ending , i want to watch it again and again because it's very nice from the beginning, middle and the last ... I really like you becouse your so cute,handsome.atractive,and cool I wish that i am kotoko chan so i can see you and i can hug you I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH YUKI FURUKAWA (Irie kun) hey Yuki, i wish you could read this. yuki is a good actor and as one of your fan here in Philippines i wish that more careers to come to your life . I'm not the type to harbor long term of crush to any celebrity I had watched but to Yuki Furukawa!!!!! I want to watch your previous dramas and movies but your not the lead...well, I seriously cant WAIT for Mischievous Kiss: Love In Tokyo 2, I ship you and Miki together so muchhhh! :) hope you will come here with all the cast of Itazura na Kiss: Love in Tokyo. Yuki-kun is soo handsome when i first saw him i got star trucked!!

you are my favorite in the show but sometimes you need to be more nice to kotoko but thanks It's so strange. I just so happened to go and look at the cast and when I say Yuki Furukawa I was so surprised. Hello Yuki I am your biggest fan u supper cute not cute hot I wish u the best I hope they like u just as much as I do I feel in love with u when u played in love in Tokyo u r the right person for the job I can't wait to see u in the next episode u r so talented it is astonishing xoxo Fuki, after having watched both Mischievous Kiss, I think you're such a great actor. It was weird a bit at first but then i adjusted to it and fell in love with it. Watashino Namaewa Chelley desu :) I Always Watching Mischievous Kiss/ Itazura Na Kiss Love In Tokyo .. and i really really like your movie titled mischivous kiss .. Ahm blessed you all (cast) and hope you can come here at the philippines. Mischievous Kiss is really a wonderful drama series! I hope that you will see my comment and I want you to visit here in the Philippines. suki yo yuki san....:) weve been loving korean drama since 2009 but when we watched itazura love in Tokyo we lost it........don't want to watch anything but love in Tokyo.....and over again ..........never get bored......... you did well.......congratulations to other casts.......staff and producers as thing about it furukawa was a living irie somehow this manga could happen in real life........the first time i saw him in 99 days with a star,n....i said "guy is cute". he's baby face is soo deceiving never thought his 26 years old!!! I love these two so much and actually wished they were together in real life. hope you wil dating her in real life :-) I love him so much in Ita Kiss!! So this is why.." when I knew he lived overseas when he was young. Yuki Furu Kawa is the cutest japanese actor I've ever seen. I LOVE everything about you Yuki Furukawa ^^ I've watched the version of Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo, I really like your acting skills. Honoka-san yet you were able to showed that you really care for her. I don't know how to explain it to you, but you really capture Irie Naoki. I just finish watch itazura na kiss in tokyo ,you act as a Naoki Irie.I really surprise that you and the character too much similar and the result is I fall in love with you,,,heheheehheehe AND i will support you from now... I don't do when"1 day I meet some one like you" cool I think i have the same CHARACTER with kotoko san too...hahaha so Gambatte kudasai Yuki Furukawa I hope can see the next of your movie or drama in the future.....:) fighting ...!!!!!! when I first saw him at Itakiss I really thought his only around the age of 18-20!!! I hope to God it's a mistake on Asianwiki's part about the co stars age. It's quite shocking that he's already in his twenties! I love the fact that he is fluent in both English and Nihonggo! He's a great actor, he really knows how to act the role given to him. Although 9 gap , but you look socute with honoka miki.. But he's so coooool x D And I even forgot he was in Koukou Debut His english was very good in Ita Kiss, and I was like "Ooh..Today I watched the High School Debut live action movie and when I saw Furukawa's character I did not recognize him at all XD The character was somewhat strange looking I think because of the hairstyle. I Live Here In Philippines , I See Most Of The Comment Live Here In Philippines And They Want To Meet Both Of You Miki Honoka, Were Hoping You Read This . I'm your fan from the Philippines and I loved your drama series called Mischievous Kiss - Love in Tokyo (Itazura na kiss - Love in tokyo) I wish Mischievous Kiss 2 will be also aired here in the Philippines. Helllooooooo : D Im the one who's watching Mischievous Kiss now airing here at the philippines : D I really love your love story : D Hope you all (cast) come here in the Philippines : D We're so happy :) thank you sooo much for making mischievous kiss love in tokyo 2, i saw it in your facebook page. I am also your greatest fan in Itazura na Kiss Love in Tokyo w/ Ms. pls make more romance drama with this two actors as the main character i would like to see more of them together. I am going to watch your other works too if I can find them. OMG ilove you so much furukawa yuki you're the best couple with honoka miki you're so sweet and ilove youre drama series itzahura na kiss part 1&2 it so fan and romantic comedie drama I'm you're biggest fan I wish you can visit the philippines I hope you will be read this note Thank you ilove you furukawa yuki. I'm your fan from Indonesia, When I saw you at Mischievous kiss 1&2 : Love in Tokyo , i realized that Asian Drama is Good Enough, and that was the first time I watched Japanese Drama, And I got impressed with it! Yuki & Miki I'm fans from Seoul South Korea Mi Yuki Furu Noka Forever..... ) "Love at first sight" like as in the Mischevious Kiss hahaha! I hope I can meet you someday in Tokyo...which is probably not gonna happen :3. 1 fan forever ^_^ one of his tv series i like most is mischievous kiss :) and i like your love team with honoka miki i've already finished your tv series itazura na kiss (mischievous kiss love in tokyo) i'm very happy with the last episode.... XD yeah they're right you should come visit us here in philippines, i really love you're movie with miki itazura na kiss love in tokyo. I would like you to visit here in Philippines with Honoka Miki . Arigatoo wow super cute face very charming boy just like your drama series (Mischievous kiss: Love in Tokyo) very very watching your drama????? Im from Philippines.look very good at that great.of I like when you act.that luck and be happy.. Kon'nichwa , I really loved the movie itazuka na kiss love in tokyo, it's now showing here in the Philippines and even if i know what's the ending , i want to watch it again and again because it's very nice from the beginning, middle and the last ... oww, i hope i can arrive there in Japan sooner and meet you! oww, i hope i can arrive there in Japan sooner and meet you!

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