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She studies at an exclusive university thanks to the financial support from Cristina (Paty Diaz), her hard-working older sister.

Rubí hopes to become rich by befriending rich people.

Héctor overhears Rubí telling her friend Loreto (Miguel Pizarro) that the child is actually Alejandro's.

Angry and humiliated, Héctor realizes that she never loved him, so he keeps her prisoner in her own home.

Héctor tries to prove that Rubí actually lost her baby after being hit by a car, but no one believes him except for Elena (Yadhira Carrillo).

She is the assistant to the Count of Aragón and in love with Héctor.

It is also revealed that Elena is pregnant with Héctor's child, though he never knew it.

They seemingly hate each other now, but Rubí begins to feel love for him again when she learns that she is pregnant with his child.

Héctor decides to travel the world with Rubí, since he is not entirely sure that she has gotten over Alejandro. When they return, Rubí discovers that Alejandro is now very rich and has a fiancée named Sonia (Marlene Favela).

During an argument with Rubí on a glass bridge, the floor below Sonia shatters, and she falls through the glass and dies.

Rubí is actually jealous of Maribel's social status.

Rubí meets Maribel's boyfriend Héctor Ferrer (Sebastián Rulli), an architect, and his best friend Alejandro Cárdenas (Eduardo Santamarina), a doctor.

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