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The friend who cock-blocks, is almost always a fat girl or ugly girl: 9 in 10 times! The leader of the group, who usually has a nasty attitude, is almost always a fat girl. That’s the type of shit you’ll have to put up with while trying to game fat girls and take them to bed…most times at least.

They will grill you to fucking death (out of insecurity)!

This super-hot girl actually wanted me- Kenny- to take her home…as in to fuck!

Any skilled guy would gracefully takes the reigns, lead her home and fuck the shit out of her.

A fat girl, having a chip on her shoulder, will bombard you with more shit tests and congruence tests, just to gauge your intentions.

Fat women generally are inclined to having attitude problems and being unapproachable due to societal ostrocization and fat-shaming.

Those are the reasons why men secretly want to fail with women.

The same reasons I wanted to fail when I wasn’t good enough.

When I did actually pick one up; it freaked me the hell out!He would hesitantly go in, chat her up and return in less than 30 seconds tops. Taking a fatty to bed will be a much more difficult task than taking a slim, super cute girl to bed…contrary to popular belief. A fat girl will have been way more self-conscious (although all women are). A fat girl will question more whether you really like her or are you just leading her on.This will make it a much difficult pickup as she would give you a harder time and scrutiny, just to reassure herself that it isn’t just a game. They have complex issues such as fat-people complexes about their weight.I didn’t believe I was good enough for such a hot girl.Furthermore, I hadn’t accumulated enough experience (sexual or dating-wise) to be sure of myself.

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