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Mikan, Natsume, and Ruka decide to go to Z's hideout to get a cure for Hotaru, against Tono and Tsubasa's wishes.

The three children eat Gulliver's Candy to grow older so they can get to the Warphole in the high school.

Mikan learns the basic forms and types of Alices, as well as the five classes based on what Alice the student has.

She is placed in the Special Ability Class because her Alice is very rare, where she is welcomed warmly.

When Hotaru enrolls in a school for geniuses like her, Mikan is heartbroken and doesn't hear from Hotaru for six months.

She later finds out that the school Hotaru has gone to is called "Gakuen Alice", a school that takes students with powers called an Alice.

After Mikan is injured, Natsume angrily ingnites the hideout. Natsume comes, looking for ruka, and agrees to play out of jealousy of Mikan's friendship with Tsubasa.

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Mikan, Natsume, Ruka, Tsubasa, and Tono teleport via the warphole to a wooded area.Mikan has a fallout with Narumi after she learns that he never sent her letters, but they makeup. Reo reveals himself to be a member of Z, the school's enemy, and he plans to make Natsume join. The festival begins, but at first Mikan's Special class is rejected.Natsume plans to kill himself to stop Reo, but Mikan stops him in time. They eventually become popular after Narumi, Ruka, and Sumire fail to win.After the festivities, the Technical and Special Ability classes are rewarded for the best performances.Narumi delivers Mikan a letter from her grandfather.

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